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Brentwood Chamber of Commerce

WordPress Website

In 2014, the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce decided to revamp its 5-year-old website to give it a facelift—and open up opportunities for greater control over editing content day-to-day.

By moving the old site from a proprietary platform to open source WordPress software, Local By Social has created a website that is nimble and flexible, able to be updated on a weekly (and sometimes daily!) basis to accommodate requests from Chamber members, Brentwood Borough Council and other key partners to add in surveys, feedback forms, and upcoming events.

The Chamber directory, based on a WordPress plugin, gives members a much more in-depth listing than previously, with all fields searchable and social media links enabled.

A new feature of the website is the Chamber members’ calendar, allowing members to submit their events directly to the website via a simple submission form.  These events are then not only displayed on the website (as a benefit of membership) but also tweeted out to the 1,000+ Chamber Twitter followers.

Local By Social also is part of the social media management team, helping to keep the Chamber’s Twitter feed (@BwdChamber), LinkedIn group and Facebook Page up-to-date.

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