The project we’ve been working on for the last year - - has been selected as a finalist in the category of “Excellence in Marketing” in the Essex Business Excellence Awards.  Sponsored by Essex Media Group, the marketing award spotlights “innovative and original marketing ideas that have led to sales growth”.

We’ve worked closely with the independent traders along Crown Street to develop an inbound marketing campaign to increase footfall to Brentwood’s unique boutiques, salons and restaurants all located along CM14 4BA.

 Essex Business Excellence Awards 2012

We’ve had our interview with category sponsor & judge, FRP Advisory, who ran through our submission form with a fine tooth comb!  Some of the points that helped our nomination stand out include:

  • the integration of the Crown Street blog, Facebook Page, Twitter feed and Pinterest boards to highlight the best of the shop’s products and services
  • the model of independent shops working together to create a marketing “buzz” bigger than the sum of its parts
  • the building of  social media “Brand Ambassadors” who support and promote shopping locally in Brentwood via their own Facebook posts, Tweets and “pins”
  • the online platform (based on WordPress) that allows for promotion cross-shop events, such as as the Crown Street Charity Fashion Show, Olympic Torch Tea Party and free parking during December
  • the introduction of innovative, online-based services such as the Christmas Shopping Fairy gift idea generator
  • the point of sale (i.e., “offline” !) flyers and Christmas wish list postcards

We’ll find out in September whether we’ve been selected as the winner.  Follow the Local By Social Twitter feed for the latest news!

Just a quick update: the Crown Street project was chosen as runner up in the category of Excellence in Marketing by a Small Company. We are delighted to have made the finals and are looking forward to a successful 2013!