Laurie Edmonds

Laurie Edmonds


Laurie Edmonds founded Local By Social Ltd in 2011.

Laurie’s background in IT, both in the public and private sectors, includes everything from server installation to software training to managing European customer support.  Her deep technical knowledge, combined with a friendly, jargon-free presentation style, enables her to explain social media in an accessible way.

Laurie’s successful social media-based charity fundraising campaign for UK parenting charity, NCT, won her two national awards in 2010.  Her inbound marketing campaign for Crown Street, Brentwood’s unique boutiques and salons was selected as finalist in the Essex Business Excellence Awards 2012.

She has a BBA in International Marketing from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Library & Information Science from the University of Texas.  A US native, Laurie has resided in the UK for over 17 years.

She serves on the Executive Committee of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Brentwood Borough Renaissance Group.  Laurie holds a parent governor position at Holly Trees Primary School, serves as secretary of the Brentwood Arts Council and started the Brentwood Tweetup (in association with the Brentwood Gazette).  In her spare time, Laurie enjoys reading, walking her miniature schnauzer, running in 5k races, and—of course—connecting with family and friends on social media.

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